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variable. In many cases the vomiting chieflj- occurs when the patient

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lactic measure children should not be permitted to sleep

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tuberculosis was limited to the hmgs was just over 44 years.^ I

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fields from each specimen. In four oases a small proportion

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the pit of the stomach, &c., and sometimes from no particular part. They see

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perceptible to the touch above the left clavicle ; on the right side nothing

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on the attitude of the Lancet itself. Having assumed before, in

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views, and pointed out a form of mania, without intellectual

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table. The margins of the perineum having been pared for half an inch

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one sense) only in response to ditferent forms of impressions

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Drs. W. E. Griffiths, Drs. W. G. Russell, Dr. R. M. Buell

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found in the course of the nerves." — See Lectures

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gives clinical surgery in India a special interest ; not only are

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By a similar comljination of bone and joint disease may be produced

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1. — Dietrich reports a case of cesarean .section on ac-

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treated enough cases in this country to be able to give authoritative

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riveter, and is earning 336'. a week. He says that he feels

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aU the motor nerves, even by those which are least prone to be affected by reflex action, —

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• In a subsequent communication, treating of the cardiac sounds with reference to

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inspections were in force ; and that the duty would

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prevalent now than heretofore, because these maxims are

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division on recommendation of the Executive Committee of the Council.

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complication of very great severity. Curetting and the application of

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surgical interference has very little chance of success ; the abscesses for

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that every attention was paid in preserving cleanli-

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growth lymphadenoma or " Lymphadenie cutan^e." With all respect for

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the spasmodic stage is chloral, in small and repeated doses, combined

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the commentators, and among others Galen, who extended it

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In the southeast part of the fourth floor two large

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to report, or suggest, that what is here asserted, of the virtues

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exactly those elements which Uskow and Tschistowitsch

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and local application of tincture of iodine or the actual cautery.