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lief had not followed a repetition of the operation from
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the tendons of certain, and perhaps of all the muscles. The author warns us to be cir-
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after a short period of collapse. The autopsy showed abdominal preg-
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Geraghty's^^ technic was followed in the determination of the rate of
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yeast, molds, etc., from the standpoint of their industrial as well as
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temperature was very slightly affected. In some exceptional cases it would
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red mite of poultry and cage birds ; the other (D. jyasaerinus) is a
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Change in the heart rate in man may be caused by direct stimulation
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resembles black-quarter of cattle. Like that it attacks the
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intrathoracic goiters. Although most goiters remain confined
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no one need fear to use these hot infusions, as they
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denounce the published volume of transactions as worthless.
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walls of the first are thin, while those of the latter are
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should then be placed upon the pill tile, which has been previously
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twice a day for a quarter of an hour conduces greatly
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acid test of urine. (See Figure i.) After the union of the
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those inhabitants in whom a part of the lymphatic system is blocked, if
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The eyes were examined with the ophthalmoscope by an oculist
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dense and firm, and is at times so compressed that its size is
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whom the surgeon of latter days has evolved. In England among
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vious operation for haemorrhage. Only one case has been found of a
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lated rapidly in the test-tube, forming a rather loose gelatinous clot;
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Middle (States, showing itself at the close of the summer
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lingering form of fatal cachexia. " The enlargement of the glands
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designated as 'rubeola notha/ 'rotheln/ "rubella/ 'German measles/ 'epi-
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And consequently, although of a practical limited application, it
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becoming too great for endurance, any operation which would end it, what-
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poisoned lamb, but it only took away his health. He continued to live and
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