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one or two supposedly pathognomonic signs should not be allowed to
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Sensory disturbances are more marked Sensory disturbances are less marked.
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criticism. As a true model of what a modern text-book on obstetrics should be, we feel
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products, particularly sulfonal andtrional. In addition to the gastric and
faradization has given excellent results. The constipation is to be over-
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phases of mitosis as it has been frequently observed both in the lympho-
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may have originated in hepatitis. Plastic pleurisy sometimes arises
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sufiering from pseudo-muscular hypertrophy — i. e. climbing up his own
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ments. Leukocytosis, however, may be continuous. The number of
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on the other hand, when well borne it may be very properly employed.
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thrice daily, believing that more good arises when such drugs are given
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of the New York institution has already been demonstrated in a
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be, though rarely, enveloped in mucus or blood-streaked. Their color
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adjunct to the successful application of our art is the preparation
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Symptoms. — The muscles first aifected are usually the pectorals and
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Pyelitis). The pus is seldom mixed with epithelium in chronic purulent
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great numbers, sometimes agglutinated with mucus into feculent balls.
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the small bronchi usually contain more or less muco-purulent mate-
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ence of an abnormal quantity of pigment. As a rule, the vessels are
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Btiology. — There can be no doubt that most cases of organic heart-
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Diagfnosis. — The only condition likely to cause confusion is senile
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"rest-cure," though the former should not be commenced until the second
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trated, and will doubtless remain as the principal monograph on the subject in our language
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coagulates, except in long-standing hemorrhages, when it becomes thin
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the teeth. The latter even become loosened, and in protracted cases
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Arsenic gives the best results in most cases, and should be pushed to
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reality instances of encysted peritonitis involving the lesser omentum or
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from those of pericarditis with effusion, excepting that dyspnea is more
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have suffered from a primary attack of appendicitis. In most of these
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the Philadelphia Hospital ; Physician to the Children's Hospital, etc.