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sometimes is too costly. I think an ounce of blood taken from

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Depository, 150 Nassau Street, New York, or will be given to

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Fiant chartulse vj. Signa. One to be taken morning and even-

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ing as early as the ninth month after infection, but these

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In a second case of much longer duration he found the leucocytes

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Waters. William E., Surgeon (Vancouver Barracks). — Is

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accidentally in a cat, which inhaled some of the drug and subse-

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washed and panned in search of this precious metal. —

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tecting the contamination, and of determining its nature with

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it evaporates. Metallic vessels should not be used.

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bonic acid gas, which the venous circulation has brought back

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V. Hamamelis has been recommended in acute rheumatism.

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this paper will be reported the effects of acetylsalicylic acid given in

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made are reversions to an original type of vaccinia ; they appear rather

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memory, while the record in the reports of the methods employed for the

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1900 n— Idem. [Abstract of Luehe, 1899 c, by O. Fuhrmann] <Centralbl. f.

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first three or four days the diurnal variation is but slight, the evening

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Chloral in cod-liver oil is said to render it much less

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1707 a. — Pediculi alate <Misc. Acad, nat, curios., Norimb. (1687), decur. 2,

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mistaken diagnosis. He inquired how a large supply of

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the frequency of this lesion, but if I am correct in

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likely to arise in the period of retention ; if this stage be safely passed

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• " The disease is declared at an end when all glanders-diseased or

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with the part of the country ; Scotch and English methods

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of the brain is of a gelatinous nature, whilst the white consists of very delicate

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types of the disease, and in cases where pressure from

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Why Should a Physician go to the United States Senate?

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development of the adult characteristics of the skin is not present in

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two elliptical incisions sufficiently beyond base of tumor to avoid

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number fluctuated between 10,000 and 7500. The leucocytosis

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We cannot here enter into all the physiological problems