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some case that has come under his observation, the key to a

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that these immune bodies are also quick to disappear. Evidently, in

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the hypoglossal receives. In the case in which the vagus was cut

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are sometimes known as aqueous, while the non- stratified,

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the student and the busy practicing physician. At the end

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patchy erythema with some desquamation. The scalp, which was quite

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contain many millions, are ovoid, spherical, or sometimes barrel-shaped.

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schem Standpunkt betrachtet, Deut, med, Wochenschrift, Berlin,

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For the English version of this remarkably original work we express

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I thou^t tiie woman was s<»newhat sallow in color, although it

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of perfectly systematic treatment. There is another advantage

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and anguish ; severe pain is felt at the sternum ; and there is

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the case. In fact a diagnosis may sometimes be made by reading the notes of

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excess. In 1883 the rainfall in February was large — 3.752 inches

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urine, the source of which the microscope showed to

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sence still further extended three months on surgeon's certifi-

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as I read the text (p. 58) about dendrites I find that " each dendrite has

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only in this broad sense that the miliary tubercle has any specific

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from it ; it is found in the secretion during all stages of the process, but

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our judgment, there are many other cases of inflammation, unconnected

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so as to allow the physician to look through the thigh in a

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importance. This difficulty is usually due to a popular apathy

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inequality after experimental lesions the increased knee-jerk is on the side

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and of an almost uniform dark red, mottled here and there by

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belonged, to select surgeons for the particular duty mentioned,

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a scientific analysis, bj Prof. Albert E. Leeds, Ph. D., Stevens' Institute, and

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an oblique or transverse course, we may confidently expect to find

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have been found, which, in Bell's case,' were so extensive

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e in Elderly Patients: Ulcer healing rates in elderly patients (65-82 years of age) were no different

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air without being obliged to attend to patients. There

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cervix, as in cases of obscure pulmonary lesions, in

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