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The following is the history of the cases : — The first
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Atrophy, as a rule, rapidly supervenes in the paretic, hypersesthetic,
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Collins (1894), George Ranson (1897), Ella B. Everett (1897), and E. P.
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normal positions. Extremities : Both wrist and ankle joints enlarged,
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the diminution of cutaneous hypersensitiveness to typhoid protein.
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ular cyst had formed in connection with the right ovary.
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fully, in 1848, by this method, a case of rupture of urinary bladder. See Coiri-
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an opening had been formed between the bladder and vagina, as well
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tion of the anterior extremity within the rest of the head are the
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He slept fairly well, and complained of but little pain.
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Bernard inserted a silver canula into the parotid duct on the
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a clear idea of the general plan of the hospital, and
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