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reputable, factual advertisements are included. However, we
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of Poupart's ligament. The symptoms here referred to are
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was seldom a topic of conversation, and the army was
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ments by which this crime is designed to be suppressed —
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home. The expenses for the maintenance of such dis-
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2. Her belly lies rounder and higher than when she has
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' Dr. Harrison Allen (The American Journal of the Medical
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tive pyelitis, furunculosis. A leucoeytosis in clironic
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acute suppurative cases, with perforation or gangrene of the appendix, especially
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tion, was in a very comfortable condition of health, though
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more rapidly than albuminous matter, such as white of egg — that one grain
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very little benefit is derived from it, and often positive damage. But let
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mosquito for breeding purposes. They breed in marshes, ponds,
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symptoms including anorexia, tatigue, weakness, restlessness and lethargy
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than the laws of hygiene, I pray you heed the hints herein given