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very great. In this instaiu'e, I put the adhesive plaster upon both legs, and
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in children suffering from scarlet fever is only what might be expected
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treatment of nervousness, thyroidism and goiter, resulting
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to determine how frequently the latent lesions which have been
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tures and four small group workshops, the course is
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ind duties of dottier hood and he instructs Mothers how to regulate their
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By September 11th the muscles, except the pectoralSj had
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tance to prepare a non-hydrogenated cephalin with a theoretical
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frequency as would place it legitimately among the effects of ether inha-
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injurious to the stomach. He observes, besides, that
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fibrous tissue in the external capsule of the liver. The interlobular con-
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can not tell all about any one thing in one article ; it would be too long ;
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wherein our President can exercise an autocratic power, not being
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must surely be a secreting epithelium. It is probable that by means of
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Public Health Association as choosing their officers by the commit-
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which have been studied experimentally by Neumann and
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for the force of the exploded gunpowder has become lessened in
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forty-eight hours, being twenty-three in number, re-
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theless, the present interest in pedestrianism will jus-
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Case 3. — C. S., a laundryman, aged 42, had sinus infection several months
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cancer to which thousands of lives are sacrificed annually, a large per-
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bestir himself into action, and 011 several occasions his thoughts turned toward his
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of this louse, and the tenacity with which he clings,
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were very similar. Measles was present at both camps. The tremen-
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potato and cabbage-leaves. In three hoars and a half, 1,890 grains
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pears in the spring. The fruit which replaces this ripens in the autumn, and
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castle, Edinburgh, etc. — insured the mingling of the im-
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With GRADUATION soon behind us (with awe in our hearts, and
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Lord, deliver us?" Should the church not be following the