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plegia. When I saw her she was practically entirely

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were then placed in bottles containing 50 cc. of the following solutions: (1) Dakin's

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case. These two requirements form the foundation for our work;

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directly enter the circulation in small quantities over long

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that the case, even when inoculations are to be made,

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sick for about one week, her nose had bled frequently

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profuse, but they do not occur so frequently (e. g., typhoid), because

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in affections of the respiratory tract or in diseases

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empirical; serum or vaccine; sanitary; and surgical.

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family, and particularly of a son who had gone to sea when a, boy, and whom they

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the water ; an alkaline wash to the general surface, which was design-

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present at three-fourths of the Lectures or Demonstrations

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meet the demands of accurate colorimetry, however, the colored fluid

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Dislocation of the head of the fibula forwards and up-

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jrood health previously. Their diiuicr on the day mentioned con-

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clean, sharp knife or razor, a wedge-shaped piece, like a

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His total gain in weight up to the end of the first week

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operable sarcomas, it is reasonable to suppose that their administration after

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cessful, while others, although admitting that a removal

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hemorrhage is frequently fatal. The comparative absence of

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amount of black matter. The gland tissue, however, is not repro-

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that of Buchheim as the most appropriate model. We confess

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vened gradually, and was accompanied by violent headache and intellectual torpor.

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great mass of patients who have typhoid fever are fed on milk, and

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Cleveland, Kansas City and elsewhere — give us more medical societies.

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anesthisicpie local, " though slowly accepted, has been

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certificate was to the same effect. One medical witness deposed that he had

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that we would expect in a case so severe as to involve so

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tlie patient, the last potion finished up by spoiling the stomach,

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(progressive prophets) we find genius and madness combined, in the

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justified in engaging your attention to its merits and in telling

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desire to urinate, pain in the bladder, radiating to the glans penis at the end

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of the alcohol taken into the system is effected through