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    of one's cases is coming to be a very common accomplish-
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    of tape-worm that probably resides in the human bearer. Some
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    enlarged glands and involvement of cartilage, hemilaryngectomy affords
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    The evacuations are watery or serous, with mixed feculent
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    Assistant Professor of Hygiene, R.A.M. College. Pp. 65.
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    cian. And even more extraordinary than this is the fact
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    considerable. Less distress in urinating. Had a consultation with his
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    Ungual paralysis. The aphonia is often very marked, and of
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    tubercular process. As far as we can learn, tuberculosis of the parova-
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    tion of the reduplication, over the whole of the prsecordial region,
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    Spinal, 1898-9. xiii. no. 50, 43-65.- Lardier. Tarifs
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    and neurologists afterward. Now I hear that she had
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    food, and contains nearly the whole of the nitrogen which was originaUy
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    from Washington College in 18 16, being at the time of
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    before an examination of the chest reveals any deviation from the
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    tive or negative proof is obtained the toxin theory must
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    time denied by medical jurists ; for it was presumed that when the force was
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    daily measurement being 1.84 inches on the 27th. The ther-
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    Originally, it was thought possible to apply the procedures of
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    the act of deglutition, and as it increases in bulk, fills up the
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    with vomiting, cold perspiration, and ha^maturia. Although
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    placed on the operating table and prepared for operation; there, under
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    may at least be claimed that the question of contagion through inocula-
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    healthy throats of 330 persons who gave no history of direct contact
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    who does duty there will expect say four shillings sterling
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    it is homogeneous in appearance, differing in that respect from the grayish
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    bacillus from worm casts. It seems, however, in the light of subse-
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    Knowing the position of a foreign body lodged in the
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    — coma, convulsions, hemoglobinuria, edema of the lungs, hemor-
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    traction was tried after the usual obstetrical methods
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    attempt. If, however, active convulsions are already present, there
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    are likely to affect the secretion in a most equal parts of water and lime water before
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    report it as less severe than their true experience
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    and considerations enable us, in most cases, to satisfy our natural
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    Case I. — A female child, 14 months of age, to whom I was
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    and vigorous doses of arsenic. The mortality is set down
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    he secured the best works on the subject. Combining these
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    some unknown Brazilian tree, which is mixed with powdered charcoal
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    the child's life, which is always placed in more or less danger. It
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    CSMS members by going public on the NASDQ — to the
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    opsia, exhibited lesions in the small secondary annectant convolution in
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    have helped to spread the trypanosomatic and other infections among