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Public Health Information Bearing Upon Pre-Natal Subjects, by Robt.

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poison during only a few minutes. Dr. Taylor concludes that there is some foun-

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tion of chlorhyd. of adrenaline, i-iooo, 10 drops. This solu-

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essential difference in these six godowns or cabins consisted in the

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called, not because its body is fleshy, but because it lies be-

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their sponginess and great vascularity, lend additional importance

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angina pectoris. Clinically, toxic symptoms did not generally

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wide, and seemed to extend rather deeply, though it was but three

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cific gravity, the light color, the decrease of the urinary secre-

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this injury of the epiglottis I easily explained the slight dif-

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of the system in which there is a tendency to produce pus, should

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from this change, we have had no opportunity to learn anything.

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41 ; he became very weak, and died the next day about 2 p.m.

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January. The patient is still in the hospital, and a

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the sick and wounded. This special instruction will

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marrow could not respond as well to the stimulus received by the

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fluid through an opening of variable size. If it is escaping at a given

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our meetings. If of sufficient interest, they will be offered for publication

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showed itself in the progress of the fever. This complication not only often

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University of Bologna Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

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outside, and admitted in the fourth week of the puerperium. She died

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the condition of the urine in nervous and mental diseases is passed

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constituents, which Gottl lias shown to be soda, lime,

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rectum registers a decided fall of temperature, has

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as successful as the process of rapid immunisation of the patient worked

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During the time I was putting together the foregoing notes, a

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the remaining senses, observed after the abolition or

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It is not intended to present a complete description of this dis-

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six cases of dropsy following in succession, the seventh, under

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nevertheless, was granted. He had previously made a successful experiment

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(/) When the tension of the sutures, after closure, is not

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character was evident from the manner in which they turned the

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Visiting Gynecologist to the St. Elizabeth's and Carney Hospitals ;

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suicidal unless where a country is very generally infected,