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where there is a pericardial effusion, and the room for

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operation in two stages. On the second or third day of illness he

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in the pulmonary tissue by the mere process of inflammation.

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days symptoms of diffuse purulent peritonitis were present, then

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prevent evaporation. This paste should be thinly applied

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and ably carried out by our Fellows, so that we may

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in all cases primary suture of the divided nerve-trunks should be adopted,

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sensitized when very small amounts are injected into the brain. Verv

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sphere in 4, in the middle lobe and one hemisphere in 3, and in the

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important negative symptom of gastric ulcer ; he did not

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Hospital. B.A. 1961, Wichita State University; M A.

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and I am still astonished at the rarity of the disease in children,

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reached the lake shore, and would fain breathe my horse and

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1 S41 a. — Hydatid tumour in the loins < Lancet, Lond. (939), y. 2, Aug. 28, p.

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It seems to us that he does not make sufficient distinction between

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little over one year old. As it is not generally deemed

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mals, the tissues forming that location, the upper flank,

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The restriction of the origin of vasoconstrictor fibers to the above-

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perineum as the head is clearing the outlet. I presume that with

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tissue, granulations and pus. A second form is molecular

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of Copaiba, containing each 10 grains of Pure Balsam.

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lent arthritis of the left hip ; in(;ipient acute general