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82. Uhlenhuth: Zur Bakteriologie der Influenza, Med. Klin. 14:777, 1918.

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and second left intercostal spaces close to the sternum where fremitus

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there were minute ecchymoses sparingly spread over its surface. The

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are questions connected with medical science which no ordinary obser-

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niences. Thus, we find in the second edition, for 1858, a promise of

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fatality. So many exceptions, however, to this history are being

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means of an Esmarch's mask until the stage of tolerance

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able, however, whether any of them possess this power. Of the

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grown up in our midst was the result of book treatment,

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range of quite dissimilar parts were made with the same equipment.

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In bones where wire is left I have had to remove it, and I

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Portsm iiuh, August, 1899. - Abstract from advanced proof-sheets

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produce any movement at all. He would illustrate the general

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is felt by the mother, or until labor is at hand, and

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have joined hands in an organized effort to secure payment for

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upon his sister, and urged Bullock to remove it, as far as it could be done,

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on the retina is observed in a direct manner; and as the

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have preferred to be a subject of her Majesty the Queen, than one

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the appetite is strengthened, sleep improved, constipa-

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adaptive actions of coughing, sneezing, <fcc., in ourselves. But when we have evi-

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improvement, as all the conveniences of the best water-

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5. Portal of Entrance. — By inoculation of the spores into the

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culties, and very likely the stomach is one of those organs in

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track left by the projectile was not much more, if any more, than

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overlapping spheres of activity: research, education, database and literature evaluation and

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rash, these terms not being strictly apphcable to vesicles and

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Sometimes half pipes with a cover (Fig. 154) are em-

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affinity with them. — Eegarded as a group of bodily lesions, cun-

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no description of this variety I put it here tentatively. It has larger

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cicatrix, and its close adhesions to the ilium and upper part of

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