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Lyons, insists that the serum diagnosis of tuberculosis can be made
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sible, is scarcely acted on by sulphuric or hydrochloric
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virtual absence of burns documented among firefighters.
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Chinese expression which is the bane of all scientific
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It has Gained a "Wide Reputation, particularly in the treatment of Pulmonary
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; Sunday, they would be in conflict with the House on
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a latent form. He refers to the prevalence of the disease in asylum
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once or twice a day is often all that is needed. In these patients, if there be
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before centrifuging. In no instance was the icebox time less than
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furnish strong evidence, as well ofthe author's anatomical knowledge, as of his
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barrassment to the mothers visiting the clinic, and much less to the
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well be proud to become President of the Medico-Chirurgical Society
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school loans. Because I believe that furthering the goals of
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the patient is tormented by dreams, illusions, and even hallucinations ; sensi-
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depressed portion will gradually fade into the general level of
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diseases in which the kidneys have been more or less after the granular
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the entire cake, stirring occasionally with a sterile glass rod
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will give heat enough to produce sufficient perspir-
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Treasurer and Secretary — J. J. B. Vermyne, M. D., New Bed-
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of both eyes. These were recognised as being identical
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ployment in many light manufactures, in the shops as assistants,
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a light brown scale. The cause of scabies is contagion.
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sure to begin to fall, the fall of pressure for each subsequent 5 c.c. of
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solution at the body temperature were never injured
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dual in a bag of gummed silk, accurately fixed round his mouth.
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osseous lesions. There was pain, and the eye was displaced down
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thus, as has been observed, rounding off his career, and leaving a bright
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exhibited by tables, and evidence, collected from public reports of local medical
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of urine; often a sign of feeble muscular action of
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The tenderness of the glands in these cases might be taken as an
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work of art; they are in fact, nature's lithographs.
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blood dilution. " Heightened blood pressure caused cerebral