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patient has really recovered. In most of these cases.

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Another series of experiments, made with less than the minimum lethal dose

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Bellevue Hospital, and after serving eighteen months in

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Art. 92. — Treatment of Poisoning by Hydrate of Chloral.

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injurious to the health of the foetus, the child at the breast, and the

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pneumonia. The diagnosis of spinal tumour was not made, the

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The Decussation of the Optic Nerves. — In the last number of the

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for 1892 it was 12.73 inches; In 1893 it was 3.84 inches;

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About ten years earlier in Boston Dr. John C. Warren

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Dr. Ferrier of London was of the opinion that there can be

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reported marked increase in blood eosinophils in the animals surviving

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The methods employed for producing experimental diabetes in investi-

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rum creatinine level > 141 /rniol per liter [1.6 mg per dl])

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of an ordinary extract. The result in either case, fluid or solid, possesses