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to the organs and second, both are non-specific. Third, it seems
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The patient progressed favorably. On the tenth day the stitches were re-
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hospital for the care of its tuberculous patients. Local philanthropic
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Pedicnlaris OroBnlandica, Retz. Fl. Scand. Ed. 2, 145 (1795).
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It may be proper enough to suggest that an indifferent draught will produce
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operator. Under chloroform there would be less irri-
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comes into view. A paroxysm is produced, and this is more severe in whoop-
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be present upon the face or scalp, or it may include the entire surface of the
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to reign till 1352, when he was succeeded by Andronicus
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given in his ' Dissertation on the Progress of Ethical
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2-plus. Blood urea nitrogen at this time was 15 milli-
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Experimental and Clinical Research into Cocaine and
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get cold. Proceed in this manner till the mixture is used.
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of the animal fabric. It is however, true, that some of the altered
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generalised until a typical bilateral epileptic fit is produced. In well-
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Trans. Path. Soc. London, discloses the fact that only five cases of
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in early life, may be easily obtained, as also the testimony as to infantile
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support the view that tolerance of alcohol is independent of diuresis. In
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were considerable, in one moderate; while in five the tumors were non-
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paralysis of the limbs and tongue in addition to similar implication of the fifth,
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tid, just behind the condyle of the lower jaw. In the sloths, there are
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b cf. J. T. Cafch, Brit. M. J., Lond., 1908, i, p. 1213.
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" Dr. Dice says that he has certainly known one instance, if not more, in
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what office or use the thyroid gland performs in man or
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