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clinic, health visitors, etc.), should be thoroughly acquainted with the
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Assistant Dean of the School of Dental Medicine for Development: Douglas
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tology of any sort is that they tend so rapidly to get out of date, a con-
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Heretofore the objection to this class of remedies has been their extreme high price, a dollar
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derived from these endowments has not been frittered away in
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to distinguish a red from a green flag within six feet,
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sequence of which stagnation, tubercular matter is deposited from
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visual, aural, or olfactory disturbances, and, in fact,
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21. That ordinary house-flies (Musca domestica) can convey
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1899. Schamberg, Jay F., M.D., Professor of Dermatology and
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indication for laparotomy. The author's case in which
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that the vesicle had started in the outer third of the prickle cell layer,
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Greene, De Witt C, 12i Swan St., Buffalo, Erie Co. Original.
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which, I think, will have a great influence on the welfare of mankind if,
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walks, the selection and disposal of the trees, shrubs and flowering-
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are mostly sessile outgrowths. In this respect the specimen
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considerable difference in varieties in this respect. Under
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sterile, amber-colored liquid, and is suitable for subcutaneous,
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typhoid character supervenes, impeding and sometimes arresting the
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The above are a few rambling notes which I took away with
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the total number of cases is put at 95. Among these, malarial fever in 3
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fluids may pass freely either inward or outward. In the circulation,
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is next placed under the Fallopian tube and ovary, and made to
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Properly considered, our national parks could be made to render
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