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dent that the ultimate cause was to be found in the

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internal hemorrhage was going on. Anodynes were administered,

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avoid too large quantities of nourishment. Patients sleep well on

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I believe it is safe to say that it takes little imagi-

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blood infection, and that the local process in the lung is but part of a

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Food should be demulcent or soft when swallowing has be-

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of the donor's arm is essential if one wishes to draw off a

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patient was taken home by her friends in a few days,

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tor's office and say that they are suffering from some stomach trouble.

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entire course of their studies. This support comes in the form of Graduate Research

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quently met with, and who pretend to possess infallible remedies for the cure of

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when he saw a choreic and epileptic imbecile in Dr.

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the cautions pressed upon me as to the impolicy of such

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