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excellent typographical arrangement, and numerous tables, the
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judicial to health, but, on the other hand, its free action
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spent in Mankato, he remained until 1915. At this time he went to Fort Wayne,
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In the course of his speech introducing the Bill, Lord Robert
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either side of the median line. Their relations to adjacent por-
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cally disappeared, but these are either cases of suppuration, or else
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by Prof. P. H. Hamilton, of New York, who presented a
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The long persistence and chronic course of the disease, and the practically
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rare. The bowels are usually constipated. The nervous sys-
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quantity, typified by that dilettante agnostic, the man with the
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Obituary. Dr. Julius iEgidi died, May 11, at Freienwalde, Germany, in
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the 23d March she was dismissed at her own request in no way relieved.
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range of motility was increasing and he was able to resume his
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cult. Inasmuch as foci of infection may exist in oral adenoid
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which they certainly are not exempt, more readily than adults, per-
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mation is lacking and we do not know whether one or both of these
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