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Similar observations have also been made in other Army hospitals,
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Leukocytosis, experimental endothelial, in guinea-pigs ; fifth report of stud-
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period than twelve hours in any twenty -four hours,
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paired. It is evident that all gunshot wounds in which muscles
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during which they had a <piarrel concerning his going
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Dr. Duff, of Illinois, replied with a vigorous declaration in
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Holden, Arthur L., llC. South St . Utica, Oneida Co.
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The above description of the lymphatics is not universally accepted
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heimer says 90 per cent. Such injury may cause fracture, or dislocation of
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the protection of their consuls. Many of them had their life's savings
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Oase Y. — A primipara, aged twenty-nine, was delivered in the Jena Hospital of a living
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agent we were about to use would act beneficially on the disease,
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brought out in 1854, and to my attention, and that of the
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most necessary of minerials, is never once mentioned in the Rig-
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drawn towards the bird parts, it's tip is brought be-
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tMETCALF, John G., Hastings St., Mendon — 1831. A. B.
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the materials for all this transudation, and which, receiving back into
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an appendicular lesion has a distinct clinical aspect and a clear
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disease is of the most painful description. A few months ago I had to
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lism, causing more extensive tissue change and conse-
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Page, Charles. Colonel and Assisfani Surgeon-General, Med-
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and is illustrative of the best methods of instruction.
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of the transudation, is relaxation and separation of
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mania, excitement, and exaltation more frequently present remissions ;
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way through the scalp and cranium, and was resting on the meninges of the
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cafionem , ut breve hoc caput erat expreflum in loco prsedido, convi-
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Such a condition of affairs demands a leader, and fortunately,
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15, 1892, B. C. Buffum; Laramie Hills, July 7, 1894 (No. 357).
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growth. A mixed infection was found in several of the
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measles, and whooping-cough were all present at the same time, the
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patient was kept up by such sustaining diet as the stomach would
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the desire being much greater through the late hours of the
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mats. No repairs of mains or wires, or examinations or altera-