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from these injuries and other diseases, which in turn have contributed to depress her nervous sys-

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five or six years, and the symptoms have lately become

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mended ; one of the effects of this drug being probably to lessen the

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John A. Sampson (Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, Decem-

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after inoculation, so that cattle should not be exposed to

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equilibrium, or rather, by the constant elimination of acid, to

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Dr. Stein mentions a case of rheumatic fever of a severe and very obsti-

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February 3d. Lust night she had scarcely any sleep, but is more quiet

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capacities and character traits are summarized. The

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reaction. Then filter the solution and separate one fortieth part of it Precipi-

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Dermatitis herpetiformis is essentially a chronic affection extending

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gravel of pretty considerable volume : he then had neither gout nor

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pital, etc. Third American from the Fourth English Edition.

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stomach disorder, and the like. He next devotes considerable space to

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mind had not been at all occupied with those events which had taken place

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on her back, her legs going up. She cried so much that the mother


abdominal, plantar, epigastric refiexes present ; cre-

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bility to feeling, precisely a3 in an epileptic fit, where the sub-

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In November 1863, I attended along with my friend and pupil

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benefit of his labor. Certainly as he does it, there is no better method.

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The paragraphs on solubility have been greatly extended ; and the

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harm. These, briefly stated, are the circumstances which I

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ficulty. This will likewife hold if the pus gathered

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serum must be determined by the method already referred to. As a rule,

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large numbers of micrococci have been found in the cadaver,

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degree of interest, inasmuch as they are not drawn alone from cases which

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instance, in which the bovine tubercle bacillus stands

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tired out — that is why they say a mad dog rambles over the country ;

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of wound sterilization so thoroughly, carefully, and in such detail as is shown

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"We assume that it partakes of its intermittent type, in consequence of the

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of the virtues of either Europe or Asia. Truth, honour, and