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to a greater or less degree, independent of its complication with
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above constitutes the regimental ambulance corps, which,
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of the cord in cases of so-called paraplegia : but it was Todd (1847) who
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A Text-Book of Aural Surgery, In the Form of Academical LeotoreSk
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effect upon the imagination of the patient and sped his recovery.
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balance between heat production and heat loss has been adjusted at a
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have multiplied the sacred rights of the individual to such a degree
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former students, and with the prospect, if well conducted, of
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bone in an animal is of great importance, as a rule the
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cal disease, such as varicella pneumonia, should not be
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current is therefore being continuously heated and re-heated
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requested to adopt the following abbreviations: Bull. No. , Hyg. Lab., U. S.
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changes, and next to ascertain the differences that exist between vaccine
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there can be no reasonable doubt ; and that here hamamelis will
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William of Normandy, afterwards the Conqueror, in quest of
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disease that it is seldom that the physician has an oppor-
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part. This topical medication consists in the administration of
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on disturbance of the functions of the spinal cord, are the most
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per intellectual pursuits, and their bodies in vigorous out-
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saliva causes hectic fevers, and the vital spirits, nervous dis-
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almost entirely replaced by the elixirs and syrups. The U. S. P.
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k Epidem. Jib. 5. text 1©. charter. Tom. IX. pag. 336.
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lungs. 2. That in mammalia the lymphatic glandular system is
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The interspaces of the bony tissue fill up with gelatinoid
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although certain of these will doubtless, because of special aptitude,
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Those incompatibly mated at the outset, would do better to live much of
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heat of the surface returns, the application may be repeated and renewed again
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