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30. On the Action of Stramonium. — According to Dr. Amelu:ng, the first effect
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aid of my friend Dr. Bence Jones), to establish a Research
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water. Vaseline should not be used on the face ; it will do on the hands
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Methyl orange is the indicator. Hydrochloric acid when heated
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delivered to the intercellular spaces by the secretion of lamel-
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A consideration of Westphal's cases alone makes it seem possible that
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sions ought to be diminished or enhanced by the brevity and incom-
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blower, clockmaker, type-caster, printer, molder, and
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capillary and venous areas. At the same time, exudation of fluid at
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bilious vomiting. A tongue which was neither dry nor much
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of prostatic hypertrophy. From the experience to relieve urine
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on the left side. The diagnosis was morbus Dithmarsicus (hereditary syphilis). The
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The most widely accepted etiologic theory for squamous
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fection of the placenta. Thus, according to him, all patho-
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The entire loss by this invasion was estimated, including ex-
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but refer to the lamentable sign of the times which has, compara-
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The authors believe the disease to be a specific fever, but they are in doubt
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to thirty grains, at intervals of six to twelve hours. Prof. Notter in-
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to spinal diseases of later life, Hirsch, W., 588; an experimental" re-
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The patient was a man aged 39, who suffered from bronchitis,
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It was thought by Mr. H. that the virus of the disease had been
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how could antagonism arise if no communication existed ? the fallacy
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siderable number of the fowls were not affected, while others died at
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ca. This colony contains 180,000 inhabitants. They have
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medical or surgical aid to rid him of his old enemy. If he gets
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tremity, to the gigantic Peak, which pierces the heavens 12,200
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Anaemia is seen in ordinary fainting fits in the human; there is loss of
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tiate this case, which Dr. Wiswall mentions, from another
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the calm confidence of a truth-loving, truth-seeking- spirit, to