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progress of medicine is dependent upon scientific research. Health
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of the Nervous System, makes no mention of agoraphobia or other morbid
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not considered here; nor linear cauterization, cuneiform excision,
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will be very valuable to every physician and nurse.
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It is well nigh impossible for anybody to realize a situation
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them, but : The way to feed a child adult food is to give the adult
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chlorotic symptoms had increased. The above prescription was then
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1. Sigmoid Flexure. This is to be palpated in the linea spino-um-
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patient will recover just as rapidly whether he has few or many.
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protected, for while they may enthusiastically undertake the work
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the stomach and large intestine, the importance of which will be
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aspect of the right thigh, at the junction with the perineum, and two on
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on the walls, furniture, etc., and the danger is at this time, therefore, not so
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monly recognized varieties. I shall, therefore, present the following
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tucky School of Medicine and the Male High School, Louisville, Ky.
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ment of the trunk of the fifth cranial nerve, the glosso-pharyngeal and
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in hypertrophic rhinitis, its healthy character is restored; and when arrested,
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Germanic infiltration method, but this attempt, so well financed pre-
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The constitution and object of the guild are set forth so fully
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gland secretion, and just as thoroughly move out the retained
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circular sloughing, constituting in prolapse one of nature's at-
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the sera submitted for this test give four-plus positive results, and
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a saturated solution of permanganate of potassium for at least one minute, in
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to know if you have a case in which the cannula has been changed and
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Exposure to severe storms and long hours are bad. The old occu-
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side of spinous process exposed by separating muscles. Spinous processes
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duced by the side of the finger to dilate the stricture. In case
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"The first case I desire to report is that of Mrs. L., aged 30. Her
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malarial intoxication extremely difficult. It is most important that
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the bacteriological examination of the glands make the diagnosis
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due to the irritation of the ulcer. This was rather a severe and
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attacks are aborted or reduced in frequency. ^lost of the patients took the
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their studies. With the lengthening of the sessions of all colleges
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Milk from an unknown source, should be pasteurized or boiled.
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infiltration about right hip, skin bluish, and veins enlarged. All move-
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sion, not only of the soft parts but of the deeper structures, we are not
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renal disease of Case 1 depended on irritation by toxemia due to
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a similar law which has been in practice for some time and I have