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now has been abandoned by most surgeons because of the severity of

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remained more or less intact until the thirteenth century. Surgery

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stances, when these persons shall cease from their functions, the

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hold their offices for a term of two years, or until their successors are ap-

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late adult life. They are more fiequent in males than in females ;

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letting it fall on the ground prevents the ascertaining the quantity ;

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attending, 7; number of new patients treated, 209; old patients treated,

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When there was tenderness over the abdomen to a great extent

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ties of every individual may be ascertained. It is this fourth and last principle

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point of distinction from the usual varieties, according

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patient has really recovered. In most of these cases.

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tresses may be placed on an ordinary bedstead and inflated with

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Chapter XXXII, section 1, of the Massachusetts General Stat-

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cases the patient is enabled to use but few words, or per-

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oedema of the legs. Urine of sp. gr. 1024, albuminous. The patient

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examination he was only about five pounds under his average weight ;

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is best explained, at least in many cases, by the lodgement of pyogenic

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salt, more assimilable, and better borne by the stomach, than iodide

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There are two or three other things ; one is collective bargain-

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3. It attacks only the substance of the contagious material, leav-

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when the culture fluid is injected into the thoracic cavity. Injections

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native to CT in the radiographic diagnosis of spinal stenosis.

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Dr. F. H. Martin, of Chicago, thought that the dan-

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M. — Apply to affected parts twice daily. In that peculiar affec-

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tum. Glacial acetic acid made a slough. Citric acid

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portion of the adolescent insane had been flesh-eaters,

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distinguishable from that in the mitral area. The albumen

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closely enough the diseases of cattle, or given definite rules for the