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Edinburgh School of Social Study and Training having obtained per-

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Demaree, Eugene Walter, sp, Winchester, Ky. S.B. (Kentucky Wesleyan C.) '21.

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bedtime. Bromides are sometimes successful, and tonics

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shall give special consideration in formulating a rehabilita-

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if a germ is once introduced, though of mitigated fever,

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Chalier and Thomasset have given a description of ulcers distant

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One of the cases was that of a young man, whose illness began at the

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earlier judgment are not only desirable but absolutely necessary. While

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country, we pay too little attention to the hygienic sur-

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would not necessarily change the character of the institutions, or the

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disease, and is caused by the transmission of an animal

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vomiting, abdominal pain, and pruritus. Less frequently

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On the whole, with one exception, we have no charge to prefer of a

prednisone dexamethasone conversion chart

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what is right for them : if they do not feel well they

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•506 w.m. Washington. National academy of sciences. Memoirs.

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C. Bayles, editor of The Iron Age, and an expert sani-