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After a time, as the cedema subsides, evidence of extensive muscular

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tous pregnancy was similar to that of an intra-ligamentous ovarian cyst.

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quantity of fat present. One thousand grains were cut into very

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have been, and I have witnessed, astonishing recoveries,

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typhus and typhoid fevers. A considerable number of L-ish immigrants

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Appointments declined.— By Assistant-Burgeon A. A. Amea, 7th Min-

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mation traveling along the sheath of the carotid, reaching the sixth nerve,

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is especially useful as an adjunct to conventional neurosurgi-

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216, Plantago major. Common plantain, etc. Leaves cooling and

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Associate Professor of Genito-L'rinary Surgerj- and Dermatology-.

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enlarged; 392 pages, illustrated. Philadelphia and London: "\V. B.

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perience of many years, that there are few instances

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prednisone 10mg tablets para que sirve

physical examination is negative save for the extremities. All the long bones

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cardium, rendering it tense and vertical, thus displac-

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Glasgow have already adopted the change, and the example

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urine were made ; but many were adfflicted with some of the sequelss of the affection,

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itself rapidly on a particular medium — let us say the typhoid bacillus in

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operation they did, one, indeed, stating that it would

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differences. Morphine, if volatilised at all, is thus dissipated in very

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and detected the jiresence of much adventitious tissue

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trations, there were vacuoles in the capsular substance, giving it a

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the physical examination, he was requested to urinate. As he

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until the instrument would suddenly pass farther and

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attention from patiiologists. At a recent meeting of the

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bile-duct was made, either depending upon a' microbic inflam-

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3. Counseler: Ann. J. Obst. & Gynec., 37:789, 1939.

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Instances of extrinsic cardiac murmurs are, in truth, exceedingly

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activity of the reflex transmissions must be diminished or suppressed

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ternal applications, but, as I wished to retain the patient in the Infir-

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Rheumatism, Acute, Articular, Chronic, and Muscular, Treatment of. By T. H.

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the rumen or paunch into the digestive compartment of their com-

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From the cases given above it is evident that there can be no abso-

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