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enabled, when you meet with it, to adapt your treatment to the

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orifices of an equal number of small abscesses formed in the sub-

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Barelj does it break through into the pelvis and allow the abscess to

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Epidemiological Society on Monday last, j upon Indian sanitation and the restriction

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is rigid, this apparatus is not of so much use, though even here

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Now Raynaud's disease is believed to In? due. or rather. 1 shovild

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detail of the historv of tobacco from its advent into

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secreted a fluid which was of great importance in the production of

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as the first stage of cholera and spoken of as prodromal diarrhoea.

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a rupture of the tube, it generally proves fatal; but you might try to


sue, SO that in a certain number of instances, as we shall see, the

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borne with more patience; bul their practice is altogeth-

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in the form of bad food, poisonous plants, or water impregnated

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counseling, and referral to medical treatment for persons

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•oncluded to strike at the seat of the disease, a;id direct my

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sia, was two months in one of Dr. Eostan's wards, vomiting

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5. The determination of the .basal metabolism forms a sound and

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opposite to the effect of lesions higher up. This is explained by the

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selected on the ground of competence by the provincial board to act as health

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of ice were kept constantly in the mouths of the sick. The sensation

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with a brush, and over the ulcer and strapping one square piece of oiled silk is

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Farnam, E. H. Bishop, T. B. Townsend, R. S. Ives, L. J. Sanford,

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added. In spite of what was being done she steadily

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hard into the other ingredients. Strawberry juice or cranberry

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1,000, once in two or three days seem to hasten re-

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occasionally passing throuj^h the abdomen, and which she

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There are two courses in Army Regulations ; a primary course for

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