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and at once resume their positions at litter posts, without command.

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making lapels on each side of the centre of the jacket.

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in a writer on ophthalmic medicine to warn his readers against

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failing finally to arrest it, the external iliac artery was ligatured just

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must be adhered to, and cleanliness in preparation and

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exciting the mucous membrane, by introducing a glass tube into the

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with a certificate from the proper naval authority that

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correct the disproportion which occasionally occurs be-

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The late Sir William Wilde, with the far-sightedness which

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•oncluded to strike at the seat of the disease, a;id direct my

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By the ophthalmoscope, both papilhe were pale but the vessels were not

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there is also enlargement of the lymphatic glands. The

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with excessive rapidity up wards and downwards, while all the muscles

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the Church in controlling human egoism has been in the past

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The Effects of Diphtheria Toxin on the Nervous System. —

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excellent names, precisely because they imply nothing doctrinal,

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BBIAND et CHAUDE. Manuel complet de Mededno Legale. Teedl-

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mediate or immediate. In the latter case, that is to say, placing the com-

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There is not a mother living who ought not to be deeply af-

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urements may be made in a variety of Avays. If there are but one artery

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processes resulting in the formation of abscesses occur in the

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"Maria, did you .take from your mother's drawer, an apple?'*

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(6c) Heifer calf born April, 1908, healthy and thrifty.

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Case 4. — J. V., a healthy man, aged 25, weight 75.45 kg., rested in bed on

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the thermo-cauter}- was the best measure. In the case of Dr. MacKen-

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quent, scanty, and composed almost entirely of florid blood ;

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well as of those -of our own day ; for almost every hour

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the first coffee house in London was not opened until

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a considerable oozing of blood continued during the time taken up in

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receivables management, mailings/recalls, general ledger, payroll,

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mission of some member of the staff, who is really responsible for the

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mately connected with the pia arachnoid beneath but had caused no

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to the matter we can call to mind several enigmatical cases that have

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ilar incision was made into the intestine at the junction of the duodenum


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