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in all the chances of war has there been | be a more "sensible system" of medication
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Ascites — in hepatic cirrhosis, 1017 ; in thrombosis of
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By carefully determining by percussion the height of fluid from
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and decrease in T^ uptake values; metyrapone test and pregnanediol deter-
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When the tumours have increased to such a size as to cause irritation to the
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been subjected. Two hostile forces stood constantly ready,
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Dr. Kirkbride (and, I may also add, at Bloomingdale,
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so-called " surgical scarlet fever." It has been proved, I
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grand mal principally. During 1911 she had 20 grand mal and one petit mal.
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second sound is accentuated. There mar be reduplication of the first sound,
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give you my ideas on the position this Society ought to hold
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majority of practising accoucheurs must have been trained in modern
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method for the control of high teinperaturo of the human
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The degree of anresthesia is very variable ; it is sometimes so
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tares, or any of them, shall be matriculated in this University,
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after the operation "something gave way " or relaxed in the
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and the other the posterior surface of reversed flap it-
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purpose of the cerebellar connections is likewise not understood.
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reflexes are preserved. Amblyopia is frequent, but, contrary to that of
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are commonly employed at the same time ; there are great natural
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To the 7 branches already named have been added gynecology,
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he was, in point of fact, in the very midst of an argument that would
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saline diuretics should be employed. The bitatrate of potassa ( cream of tartar ),
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directly after the injury. Under the extension of four
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available as to the exact extent of its prevalence.
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thus distinguished :— The substance is soluble in water, forming, when filtered,
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ally observe that "the pigment, instead of being massed at the centre
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bronchitis, or by gastro-intestinal disturbance, e. g,, vomiting and diarrhea.
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epilepsy. She masturbated incessantly. The case was of such a des-
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