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    than they can absorb it ; hence the free egress of blood is retarded.

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    like to hear suggestions as to the treatment of such extreme instances as he

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    the New York Society of jNIedical Jm-isprudeiice and State Medicine,

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    begin with, but successive tests with the dynamometer

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    any means of estimating it, either directly or indirectly. The

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    form known as the diplococcus. The longer forms may simply

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    21. Treatment of pneumonia by means of specific serums, J. Am. Med.

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    be felt a hard raised mass, with ill-defined edges except at

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    no longer shall be." The profession granted him his position as a mem-

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    In our opinion, this attention can best be given by retaining these

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    tion ; or again during sleep when the body is in the horizontal posture.

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    Disease of the bonv structures occurred in this same

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    and for several years of the reign of Henry of Windsor.

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    Soldiers under twenty years contributed the largest number to the invalids, thus showing

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    extending it, and I do so without intending to claim

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    the prostate which allows the bladder to act more easily. In cases of com-

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    production to the irritation of teething, then I should like to be

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    omitting the drugs for a time if the condition warrant

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    exhaustive. The method of gradually introducing soldiers to

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    which an important bone even has been broken, 1 and although the

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    expectoration of much foetid pus. An attempt was made to set

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    was a complicating fibroid. Later I reported three hundred cases of

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    never had any pain or trouble of any kind in the abdomen.

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    varying in different cases. The bacterial flora was of the same general

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    Wm. H. W., M. D., Dorchester, Mass., after four months use in a "trying time of the year," said: —

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    cases, also, the cause of the fever is the absorption of the toxic