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water. Artificial respiration should be at once resorted
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'5819(54) Oliver, D, First book of Indian botany. Lond. 1869.
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medication in canine and feline patients. Their therapeutic value is
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medical missionary services throughout China during recent years.*
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previous to the establishment of any arbitrary rules,
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ant mothers, cases of post-vaccinal small-pox would be practically abolished
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The actual killing-place should be a large, well-lighted,
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function of the liver; whether from changed chemical conditions or
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not revealed the source of their virtues. Chemical analysis
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degree. Patient, however, was having at times more pain than
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Butyric and acetic acids are also sometimes found in very small quantity.
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large cavity was filled to overflowing with iodoform gauze, and there
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father's side and nothing but a healthy condition of the mother. This