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often proves curative in various forms of muscular and

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French and German, and that the book has reached its eighth edition

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perament and scrofulous diathesis, with a spinal curvature, was

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rheumatism, sciatica, and rheumatic complications of influ-

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than right. Murmur of soft blowing character accompanies first

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Society of Physicians elected him, the first foreigner, an honorary

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plants. They are generally soluble in water, and their solu-

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the cerebrum was sliced off from above downwards. When coming

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as a urinary antiseptic in cystitis. It is given in diluted

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to admit Dr. E. G. Wheeler, of Becket, a member of the District So-

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* * * * " iraving- heard that diphtheria was prevailing^ with

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With regard to the (piantily and proportions of gold and iron to

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til'- duties assijrncd me. I believe, however, that my journey has not

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serum and pus. A large deposit of lymph, three lines in thickness,

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cavity in the other and normal direction. The capacity of the lungs

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and the presence of nausea, retching, dreams, delirium,

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symptoms of typhoid fever. The nausea was so great, that it was

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Acid, Gallic— H. & C, dr. 2-4. (gm. 8.-15.). Sh. & Sw., dr. i-1 (gm.

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Properties. — A nearly colorless liquid when freshly prepared, but

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males, 33. — Accident, 3 — apoplexy, 1 — congestion of "the brain, 2 — disease of the lirain, 2 —

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vague and all-embracing than "alterative," and, therefore,

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cles; being here more opaque and thickened than elsewhere. The

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when applied to the conjunctiva, should produce effects exactly op-

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eight inches in its autero-posterior diameter. The vertical extent

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the orbit, running behind the conjunctiva on to the globe up to the

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with his favorable opinion as to its expediency, and in pursuance of

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hitter part of the summer. The result (except in one rather doubtful

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Patient continued to vomit during the latter part of the night. The

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ite Sir Walter. On this island, we are told, was born the first white

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applied to the posterior wall of the pharynx, so as to entirely sepa-

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Cambridge. We should have stated that he had been nominated, the

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iug. A certain amount of fat is essential in the body in

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line taste. Slightly efflorescent in warm, dry air. Soluble

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Unguentum Zinci. 15 per cent, of zinc ointment. (B. P.)

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■cattle and sheep in powder, or to the former in the form of

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last mentioned. First of all, do the differences said to exist between

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diameter, externally greenish-brown and wrinkled, internally

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Soluble in 2.3 parts of water and in 21 parts of alcohoL

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