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RVMSEV, J. H , M.R.C.S.E., at Buenos -\yres, on May 13. aged 27.

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to the detail of cases, premising, that in the adduced in-

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profession to the level of the vilest empiricism, it is owing to their own

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too strongly Thomsonian." The truth is (and we have no wish to

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and that the body best fitted for a Court of Appeal

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of sulphur explains the following experiment due to Astrie. When

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caused to think first of his plan of quarantine. It seems

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scalp for six or seven weeks. They were children of the ages of twelve

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of the pus cavity. Greatly to my astonishment the instrument

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359. illso: Tr. South. Surg. <fc Gynec. Ass. 1892, Phila.,

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hypersemia, when the pneumonic process r-:ay be confounded with

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in depth, occupied its proper position in the pelvis, and

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outniunber the males five to one, although the occupations demanding

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the hair i)efore performing electrolysis in the follicle,

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The time required to perform the operation varies with

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of insurance but also in the fields of health care fa-

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the disease by retention or copious evacuations of the solid excre-

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books, now in use are quite unsatisfactory, and do not meet the needs

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A southeastern Conn, orthopaedic practice is seeking an

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FY1977 Meilical Facilities Plan. Of this number, 18,878

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" Conia thus obtained has the appearance of a colorless volatile oil, lighter than

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Thus it appears that the only change which the air under-

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Hyperpyrexia. The patient may become wildly delirious,

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insane, was found strapped to some kind of a chair, and, ac-

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cases, the use of sublimed sulphur constitutes an effective preventive

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requisite which it appears every suitable climate possesses is

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enucleated, and the cord having been seized high \i\)

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their ependyma very vascular and somewhat thickened. Brain rather soft.

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one of the two antagonists. This, however, cannot be proved. " " Antago-

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tions on five persons, including children, and extending over three days and

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father, two daughters, and their first cousin were affected; in A (Fig.

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only case I could cite in which attention was so centered

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communis produced an acid change, making more intense the

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so that this part of their labor is quite voluntary.

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peritonitis. The diaphragm is pressed up, so that the lower lobes of