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    to the muscular parietes and easily disengaged, or, having
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    sympathetic nerves spread over the arteries, is to conduct
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    On the Chemical Analysis of the Tennessee Collection of Urinary Calculi.
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    adhesion than if it had been of recent origin. M. Velpeau not-
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    warm season; and navigators and travelers relate astonishing
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    Campbell, about as the " flux and reflux of fluids" of olden
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    Modern researches, in that department of chemical science
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    fact, there is too much medicine swallowed. There is also no
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    Moreover, for the induction of premature labor in such cases,
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    the pulsations of the cord had fallen to ninety beats, it was divided,
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    to none in the Union. Surely, it is endowed with advantages, such
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    tions of chilliness — no aberration of the mind, but full pos-
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    intelligent practitioner, of a case, in a neighboring city, in
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    acted earlier in the more tardy cases, if I had had much experience with
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    time. A shoulder presentation was detected at an early period
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    into its place, and the cure was rapid and perfect. All the move-
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    and thus we find the moderns returning by another route to one of the first
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    year of his age at his home in New York, June 9th. He was born
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    the power of immediately reducing the oedema of the bitten ex-
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    It were but to reiterate a truism, admitted by all, to say that
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    to be disagreeable to most persons; and half a drop of this tinc-
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    Pathological Technique. By Frank B. Mallory, A. M., M. D.,
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    as follows: A planter of Mississippi, whose name is not remem-
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    after, of peritonitis or hemorrhage. On postmortem, there was a
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    percussion from two inches below the ribs upward to the fourth
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    der consideration 7 we are permitted to state that those devoted and self-
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    of his case, he was attacked with a sharp rheumatism of the cellu-
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    ance, coldness of the extremities, the result of defective circu-
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    to raise his eyelids ; while he could hear and feel, and exercise his usual
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    better, in order to anticipate the onset of inflammation
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    while blasting rocks, had his tamping iron, twelve to eighteen
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    do not contract so long as the circulation is allowed to
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    The trembling fingers and aching head of the morning,
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    vidual experiment, has certainly attained to the respectability of
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    There is a well marked protruberance in the right lumbar region. This