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    Kidneys and Sexual Organs. — Camphor is broken up in
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    deepened by the stimulating action of the alkaloid on the
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    The proportional issue of mess beef to that of pork or bacon,
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    derstood, is explained in several hundred closely-printed quarto
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    abdomen. The first of June she rode twenty miles in a carriage, and
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    able accumulation serves as a store of potential energy to be
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    A drop of a solution of atropine (gr. ij. to § i.) was now intro-
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    of the head and arm, the dyspnoea, the dysphagia, the hoarseness of
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    By J. Baxter Uph.vm. M.D., Svkgeox ix ciiarge of Staxly Gex. IIobpital.
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    JourntJ, \f>'t2, vol. xiv., p. 386). The question has been raised whether plants
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    converted by them into glucose. The glucose is then ab-
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    tou and others, who all unite in coudemniug it. Very lately, however, Heyfeldcr has de-
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    starch makes a very serviceable product, but maize and the ordinary
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    picked up and held firmly between the thumb and forefinger
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    Gradu iting Cl.i.«s of tlie Berkshire Medical College, by Prof. Wm. Warren Greene. — Hints
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    the evening. Pulse 106; respii-ation hurried; pupils natural ; touguo
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    riety, that would be required in a post or other hospital having the
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    drench. If there is much mucus in the fsecal discharges,
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    On the loth of November, Dr. J. saw him, and found him sitting up,
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    to a dark jjiirple, almost inky hue, while upon the same person, a few
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    weight and called a gram (15,432 grains). The quantity of
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    •convulsions and iinconsciousness. Third : the last stage is
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    to some others. Respectfullj' submitted, Edward Jakvis.
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    ernigrateil to New Albany in the year 1817, soon after the first settle-
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    to irritation of any sensory nerve, or the sensory tract in
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    (such as alkaloids), on the other. The advantages of vegetable
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    perforation, or even when prolapsus of the iris has just occurred, as
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    gone. As the effect of this treatment, I may mention the lessened
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    ti) riilo for A short time. 1 am happy to state here that tlio (.IT)(.»'r3
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    tioned as stomachics, including valerian, asafetida and
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    the seat of the exudation. Every care should be taken to prevent
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    forms of peritonitis, in that of traumatic origin it has no special
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    calls attention to the frightful casualties in coal mines ; —
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    Supposing' that length of years brings experience, and experience su-
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