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" So far," continues Dr. Leeds, "as I have examined, he manages in every in-

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The subscription price is $5.00 per volume, strictly net (foreign sub-

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these alarming phenomena subside, the extremities of one side are

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[3. s.], v. 34 (1-2), gennaio-feb. 5 p. 8. [W» \V C .]

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the following powder : Powdered carbonate of ammonia,

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Surgeons of Glasgow, or an examination in anatomy and physiology

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to cobalt; the same obtains with arsenions add if it be not dissolved before bdng introduced

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the cotyloid cavity experimentally, since out of a total of 17 experi-

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course of the disease, and once or twice after it. I have thus given you my plan I hope

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foetal state the two kidneys were fused together. This view had

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nary diphtheria, but some will have the typical lesions of Mollus- A

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have descended to the present day. Animals were killed,

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expected to devote so much time to the work here indicated as to interfere

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to other diseases, especially phthisis, and that obtained by myself,

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nasal meatus. In rare cases the ostium maxillare is absent,

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scribed and about the size of an apple. The case was discharged

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lid or lost in the inferior cul-de-sac. In one case that came

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iufiammatory swelling of the veins in the feet, and,

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lieved, he is forced to resort to some one of the many

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tonitis der Schweine und deren Erreger, Z. Fleisch- u. Milchhyg., 1898, viii,