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tent of their action ; in the same way as Stimulants have been

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ence of the renal afi'ection. It is possible that both

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man we knew had given her commands; the people couldn't

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of various sizes, (c) The liver is usually much enlarged and presents

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upon as an uncertain factor, and with considerable anxiety, so

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layers forms a protecting coating which prevents the juices from es-

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birth of the mature fcetus is looked upon as impof-

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ensure it, it is obvious there must, as a rule, be an enormous

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any addition to it ; in short, only fitted to lean the front

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Pedicnlaris OroBnlandica, Retz. Fl. Scand. Ed. 2, 145 (1795).

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ly the disease progressed, and soon was impressed in anraistakable

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a dull and apathetic condition of dementia is present ; and in them the

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optic neuritis going on to consecutive atrophy, the dual nature of the

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were normal, but both aortic and mitral valves were indura-

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of treating these patients at home, as I have stated, is that

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cartilage indicates the repletion of the right ventricle, and in spare

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meal. Why not add the bone meal to the barnyard manure?

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Hospital. Assistant Attending Surgeon (Cardiothoracic

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the others the young animals only went to pasture in fields sur-

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summon medical opinions exclusively on this matter. Have we

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was sectioned. In general, however, it may be stated that the hemor-

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Medical Society of New Jersey Auxiliary, is well qualified

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organism resembling in many points the microbe of fowl cholera, but differ-

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traction of the animal membrane for the two liquids. The membrane is

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elbow joint and delirium followed, with arterial haem-

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intolerable dislike to the presence of in.sects in his coat.

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teen ounces ; other abdominal viscera apparently healthy ;

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from the iris to the retina parallel to each other.|

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there are a number of corpuscles in a plasma-island near the edge of the prepa-

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sibihty for the medical care of a family. A general practitioner may be a per-

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Skin, to be ready, if possible, by the begin- afTected without the disease being traceable

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Eiperimeiilers differ on the question ut the presence of Amtnonia in

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ually the little mass of protoplasm removes itself further and