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(a) Tuberculous meningitis has been described fully in the present
through any kind of food or drink, or with the dust from
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food, or indirect, by active exercise, adding to this semi-
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for that purpose. Brig.-Gen. Hemming and Lieut. -Col. Gardiner,
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cure comes. In dilated stomachs we have all sorts of fer-
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is so universal that the author opposes this practice with great hesitance
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hours; large quantities (1,000 to 2,000 c.c.) being relatively more
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to repeat the purgative if it is followed by thorough irrigation of the
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bronchi. In such cases there is apt to be a lobular pneumonia, and this
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more rare and brief, and ceased entirely on December 13th. During the first
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The influence of cold baths upon the chemistry of the respiration
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There is a greater relative decrease in the amount of hemoglobin
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object to all but a good, sound claret, and that well diluted.
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especially the throat, colon, and the external genitals, are among the
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medical matters like the more favored circnlating around the
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this end permanent warm baths, either for arm or leg, in tubs of proper
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of the body are cautiously exposed and well dried before ablutions are
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it is now believed that influenza is always sjjread from person to
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complished. In the chest also great and successful work is
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■effects, but tends to raise the vascular tone and with it increase elimi-
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in advancing the science of medicine and in educating those
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lower part of the body from below, in the sitting-posture.
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the correct adaptation of which danger may not only be obviated, but
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envelop the latter snugly. The flannel cover, which has been allowed
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there is in addition the characteristic maculo-petechial eruption. In
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bet noodles. These are usually looked upon rather as gluten
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the best thigh stump for titting with an artificial liml). If a long
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great cause for its use ; so also is uraemia, especially in ursemic
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The vomiting which is usual at the onset is not due to the presence of
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thermo-cautery lightly over the mastoid region. If the patient be not
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of these forms have a common cause, and that cause is bac-