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are sufficiently rare, there being but two or three of any note
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The abundant references, both to German and English
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generally favorable except in the case of septicasmic hernia, but its gravity de-
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leges, at least, while those lectures are conducted in any thing like the
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weeds do not depend upon seeds alone for their propaga-
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The second and third classes of cases generally recover com-
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the parietal, occipital, and temporo-sphenoidal lobes through the brain sub-
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the diaphragm. A gauze drain was inserted but the wound healed
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treated at the Boston City Hospital, Howe, O. H., 549.
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Holmes lately united the median and ulnar nerves eight days
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Operation for Obliterating the Sinus. — Up to this point
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epithelium, the cells appear in every diameter smaller than nor-
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cold bathing, they will of course be indispensable. A little
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Is it possible that any who have llie good of our profession, or the in-
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private patient, regarding pain and a feeling of weight in his left
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ness is extreme, will be of service. Apocynum should be
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leave of absence for one month and eight days, amended so that
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unfrequently the case at first, it may be diluted with water, or
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nineteen days later. Post-mortem, with examination,
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about 1 2 litres of milk from a tuberculous cow : it was killed in sixty-
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vulsion. I gave her a warm bath, applied ice-water to the head
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combined with blue pill, calomel, or extract of hen-
in such hands, the owner expects it will be spoiled. He who would
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745) The profession in this country have seen with surprise the at-
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sulphonal has been given. I can never forget the success
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the grain, by our method of malting. Its great excess of Nutritive value over that of.
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at the same time I observed the membrane moving rhythmically
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no harm. As soon as the temperature has fallen a more soHd diet is
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be treated as in other cases of alcoholic intoxication.
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whatever of dairying, the farmers unfamiliar with cows and their care
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Edf'Ytatly Jiepart on Micrology. By Johk W. Ooli, M.D., Ac \ . 872