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    experiments hare been perfonned — a large number are refractory to
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    The scars and scabs of old abscesses and ulcers can be seen on the skin of
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    ascertained, for a man weighing 140 lbs., we have the fol-
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    increase in the number of pajjes, and twenty-five admir-
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    always attended with decided fever for forty-eight hours be-
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    records. Durham has suggested the most satisfactory explanation. In-
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    then place them in a saucepan of cold water and put upon the
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    ated with etoposide therapy are typically without preced-
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    we have already described concerning the integration of allied reflexes
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    confine our attention to five. These infections are transmitted
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    tion may seize and carry off its -s-ictim — a widespread bronchial effusion,
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    1904 a. — Vers intestinaux -^Traite d. mal. de l'enf. (Grancher & Comby), Par.,
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    Quinsy. — This is an inflammatory affection of the
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    one having the same object passed by the Legislature
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    all the main points being noticed. The fact that the pathogene-
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    by our profession, that responsibility in relation to human life has a
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    doubtless to be imputed to the poisonous character of the vege-
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    several occasions, rescued a young and valuable life from cer-
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    to be given finely. May 22d. — Patient still alive ; pulse
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    mean time, during July, he went to Ems with his wife, for whom
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    rash, these terms not being strictly apphcable to vesicles and
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    Greeks, with little of originality, and almost less
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    be removed in any other way than by an examination into the history of the
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    were found to occur. For months the hospital wards were
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    as to the cause. In other cases the patient with typhoid fever is regarded as
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    has not been limited, and is confirmed by that of others,)
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    noticed 14 months ago, after a catamenial period, a fullness in
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    excreted. T think it is quite possible to explain this by
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    with an intestinal paralysis. In simple tympanites the pain is
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    In catarrhs of nose, throat, and bronchi a consideration of the