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mistaken diagnosis. He inquired how a large supply of
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fhlly separated. Glen^t>us diet, stimulants, etc, should not
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changes in the muscles noted above. In all cases of so-called hysterical
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bably contagion. Dr. Damaschino, who is a contagionist, mentions several
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ing supervene, and the patient expires in a fit of apoplexy, or else
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appear in the fluid. This is found much more commonly after the use
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be guarded against. One may cut directly through these tissues
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thereby added to the system, and the di-mker may reach a
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I am unable to say whether this is frequent or not. I notice it
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form Btrength and known power [such as (he Liquor AconUtjKe reoum-
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ture or not depends, I think, upon what you have left
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a powerful influence upon the progress of gouty inflammation, and to ascertain in what
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to recur at irregular intervals, the dimness of vision has gradually
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are frequent at ever}' age. There are those whose experience per-
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preflsure may be exerted on the eyeball without interfering
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healer the child's foot sloughed completely off. The
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Kinyoun, J. J., assistant surgeon. Granted leave of absence
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first seven days after menstruation are usually females,and
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body of men callea the Sanit&ts Ck>mpagnie, who are
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aration, and no difficulty is found in seeing the colonies after twelve to
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been called in consultation where the drug has been
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theory could not be the true one. Charcot's preeminence, however,
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lows of the Connecticut Medical Society, who shall make a nomination ;
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tiate the latter remarks. At the in(juest the drug^st was
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around it. " A stratum of substance, which differs from the
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neighbourhood of the temi)oro-parietal isthmus and lenticular nucleus.
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of the profound poet Tupper, when he says, " In that great day,
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L. Harry Stewart, 92 Harrington avenue, Rutland, Vt.
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pates in the above degenerative changes, but not in a marked degree :
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M \Vs..:^r.v* >^ vkm »«>.f;vv»A > .wl>«^l;' v "i^ xlsli^ ky aa iUasioa —
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