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prolonged periods of ventricular inactivity, giving the typical picture of Stokes-

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tion of her ordinary avocations. Better too prolonged rest than too early

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were seen in this patient. I think it reasonable to suppose that

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and rrequenl desire to go to stool, with much straining and tenesmus. He observed

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from one to half a dozen. An instance is reported of

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tremities of the ovum, and at the point of junction several polygonal

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from a loose bloody diarrhoea, the stools being negative to dysentery

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as the family with a long history of diabetes or tuber-

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S. Wilson, we take pleasure in announcing, was the first to suc-

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is large and the surface irregular, due to hypertrophied and

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William Butterworth MacTier, M.B., CM., St Andrews, 1901

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setting fires and was cruel to his pets. He began abruptly

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and. restless at night. The bowels were quiet. Her tem-

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Sometimes the solicitress is of the brazen demi monde ; but more fre-

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The title is misleading. A boudoir is a lady's — or it may be

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geon to have the foot amputated and he was also advised to do

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Paine, Arthur E., 99 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, Kings Co. Original.

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and sat looking at it. Then, after about a quarter of an hour,

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range from 6° to 10° C, 16 forms produced colored fruit. Of these,

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the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation. Dr Hetsko is presi-

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the diff'erent series of his cases is given by Mr. Keith as fol-

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or accompanied were the following: a sensation of weight and un-

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office of a bladder. It was terminated by a < A rather unusual affection has been noticed

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successful transfer from the fluid to the solid medium is not accom-

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latter mode with the short blade does not answer, the instrument should

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will levothyroxine help me lose weight

II. p .1 li . Canisteo, V Y . Journal I. M. A., March

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levothroid is used to treat

sideration. Within iiH4(t(l pages wo litxl an acc(>unt of thohutis-

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the intestine ; when the covering of these is perforated small ulcers

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danger of collapse of the lungs. The ex- passed during twenty-four hours gives fig-

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large doses the action of the stomach is interfered with, the appetite more

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noticeable. During the outbreak stomatitis is present, and reaches its

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years. No cause for this sad state of things is apparent, unless we attribute it

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orders, who will follow the general discipline of a school by a

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that they are hard up for money. I have done a large practice in that