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and the walls rigid. He tells us also that he has invented a
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of the nervous degeneration along the optic nerves, the atrophy
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species, and it may fairly be stated that, before any definite
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cases and 49 among the civil population, including convicts. The former were
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Sinuses and veins on the surface of the brain, turgid with dark fluid
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gener^ condition of the blood, common also to the choreic condition.
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an extent that destroyed life. During these experiments I observed a defluxion
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temperance of any kind; or deficiency of the natural excitements of the
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The average weekly cost of maintenance in the workhouses
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swollen, and its temperature increased. The wound looks very foul, and bleeds
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that cold and exposure alone may cause acute Bright's
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confined to the mouth and tongue; in case 25, they were
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women who bore children before the end of the first and of the
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took 4 inches as the standard. The transverse diameter of the
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time, when it has begun to assume a more serious aspect. The inflammation
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several of the cases in which the disease affected the head, other parts of
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obtained may therefore fairly be taken as positive, in one sense, inas-
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both of man, and of several animals, an arsenical compound, insoluble in
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and she has once menstruated; being the second time in the period of eighteen
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reaction on a stimulus^ and that the difference is much more
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me, so that I have had two or three patients in succession undergoing the opera-
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hands, face, clothing. The world would be a study in
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the disease as soon as its intermittent character is determined. An idea
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not occurred since 1789* Having pointed out certain difficulties
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known signs of peritonitis have been present, or if that silent
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mode of treatment has been lately adopted with success in the
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been recorded ; but none are well authenticated. The myoma
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stipation, but scarcely ever nausea or vomiting, often accompany
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the terms pelvic abscess, pelvic cellulitis, peri-metritis, peri-
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symptoms often subsiding and giving the appearance of a less
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by Dr. Dickinson to chronic poisoning by lead. Lastly, a very
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of the time corresponds to the long continuance of the irritation, and
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again take up Griesinger's book on mental diseases, and com-
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Devoted to the Interests of the Medical Profession of
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mained afflicted by so mucli pain and imperfection of vision, that she was not
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diet by cutting down or cutting out unessential articles.
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for each occasion. Or a tooth-paste may be prepared