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probably the first operation of the kind south of the Ohio River. The

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began to notice that his sight was growing dim and that

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Figure 1.— A computed tomographic scan of the abdomen and pelvis shows

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two or three hours hypedermically for the first two days.

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colleges at home and abroad, and remain to-day unequalled in surgical

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Dr. Glaser, the drug does not in the least diminish the

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even without actual foci of suppuration they often escape into the urine.

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improved. The pulse was rapid and sometimes irregular ; the

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"Short Talks on Personal and Community Health," by Louis

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How easy it is to come to an empirical conclusion in regard

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the method of teaching, and take an authoritative position in the

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having ten per cent, of these was deemed a satisfactory article.

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of having first demonstrated the circulation of the blood, we

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Made of the highest grade rubber, of uniforni thickness and perfect shape. Fully guaranteed.

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listed men killed, 257; officers wounded, 113; enlisted

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tous tissue. The largest and one of the oldest abscesses, B, was firm

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of food, combined with a medicinal substance, can ever be so useful in

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The whole performance was excellent, and in the light of popular opinion, was

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intolerable dislike to the presence of in.sects in his coat.

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ages of Chinese bristles of about five centimetres in

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remained more or less intact until the thirteenth century. Surgery

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associated at first with diminution of urine, but later with increased

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Becoming afterwards Chancellor of the University of

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