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in Rhode Island 1 in 8 is over 55 years of age, in New-
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coldly by our leading EngUsh chemists, unsupported too by en-
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of shortness of breath and dropsy. The wTiter had seen the patient the
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others as having several. Diana, of Ephesus, is also rep-
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hair is thin, soft, and very light in color ; the pupils appear
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be d i scov er ed in tti«n; so the nerves of the thoracic and abdominal viscera may be affected without any alteration
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the case of accidental inoculation in which he was himself the sufferer —
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nally. Iyocally, he applies a dressing of ichthyol ointment, 30 to 50 per
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highly accessible and well suited for small to medium sized
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head, spine or region of the stomach, by counter irritant and al-
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old bone ; it may be also formed in the new material in detached
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the bone, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter
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include the insistence upon the necessity for these points
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dosum, and 3 erythema multiforme, showing a much greater liability to this asso-
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(1877-8) held a sample of Duquesnel's preparation. My formula
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and final escape of pus may occur through the diaphragm, into the
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tates the assumption that endocarditis always precedes the nervous
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an arrangement which, from the nature of it, must lead to con-
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large number of conditions that are more or less amenable
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supports the view we advanced, that in cerebral diseases the pain in
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using differential pressure, blew up the lung and cov-
rytary (carbidopa and levodopa) extended-release capsules
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tion of a portion of the riglit vocal cord, as seen by the
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evening exacerbation, during which the face is flushed, the
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paper good. The cuts are fair, many of them new, some ex-
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tion of Lymph in the Tongue (A. Maracacci, "Arch. ital. de biol.,"
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cases into rheumatic and non-rheumatic (Ormerod, Marlcham). The
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strument small enough to enter the bladder would not possess sufficient
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sultus tendinum is present, in addition to the usual symptoms of cere-
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found to have been written in such a way as to appeal not necessarily to the
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AH communications relating to the business of the journal should be ad-
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—Dr. S.mith Townshend, Health Officer of the Dis-
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The tunica vaginalis was then reached. This was found very much dis-
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and was occasionally permitted to prescribe for patients
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brief abstract of his method. Place the patient upon her back, limbs
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5. — See American Medicine, Vol. V, No. 20, p. 770.
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surgeon whose name I do not know. So that five out of 78 were partial — 7:5
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sels that are apt to be in a state of vasomotor paralysis. When you
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at least for some time to come, regarding a change of
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imerperium. The urine, low in specific gravity, showed some
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the average number (in seasons of average severity) of
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instances of phthisis, the first symptoms are catarrhal; but that
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typhoid bacilli develops, as in the rare case reported by
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eyes, and of numerous other topics. The work as a whole,
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Walter Brosius (Archir. fiir Dermal, u. Syph., LXXI., 1904), details an
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his tongue becomes dry and brown ; his respirations and pulse increase in
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committed only to the problem, never to the distress of the