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Chapter XXXII, section 1, of the Massachusetts General Stat-

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have no control over the muscles of the belly, which is

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Coffin-Bone — The lower bone of the leg encased in the hoof.

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horses may die showing the peculiar signs or symptoms of Enteritis. In-

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morning another consultation was held, at which Dr.

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of Poupart's ligament. The symptoms here referred to are

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contracted LIFELINE system in New Jersey. This is the third

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assumed to have been absent, because the report Bays,

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his friends. It is idle, of course, to argue with a patient with whom we

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Nursing. — Careful and judicious niu'sing, with the most scrupulous

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bronchial lymph nodes of adults are more extensive (Fig. 3) than

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how could antagonism arise if no communication existed ? the fallacy

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sufficient sum to put this library in its proper standing

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hood of institutions for the treatment of tuberculosis which

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determine the rule which separates the epileptic and the