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    one in 1884. The first symptoms of stricture appeared in

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    Physician a traveller can have." — Hamilton Spectator.

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    courseof treatment is often followed by gratifying results. In

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    It is not generally recognized that the presence of congenital

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    children and in part to the fact that our interest in the

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    fore, in a state of intense motion or transposition. When placed in contact

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    solution to which had been added cane sugar, magnesium sulphate,

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    warm water. Also tickle the throat with the finger. The stom-

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    Osborn, we can see, did not give a full account of his forceps. The

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    •of sections was searched through and all infected cells were mapped out

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    sufficient distance apart to remove the greater portion of the

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    ulceration or waxy degeneration of the intestinal tracL

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    under the age of eleven, in Calcutta, amounting to 10.04, is to be received with

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    ment of the liver, a remarkable superabundance of (he biliary juices,

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    country than in Europe, and, as far as my observation reaches, more

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    under the influence of an electric current. Having determined the

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    patient was too old to justify an attempt at taxis, it being

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    or one noble quality required by the physician more than any other, I

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    of opium, enemata, and fomentations, and she was able towards

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    More recently Batten 2 has given it careful consideration, and in his paper

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    in tuberculosis which is either active or quiescent.

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    ditions to our knowledge in physiology and j)athology.

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    tonos, occurs in some cases of hysteria. The jaws are sometimes firmly

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    nitis which were supposed to have originated from a perityphlitis

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    the chest, the liver being pressed downward by the effusion three inches.

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