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decodlion, according to the liking of the patient :
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the surgeon's aim should be to reduce the viscus without injuring it.
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to see that an adequate supply of air at a comfortable temperature be
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home and abroad, are urged to send their names and addresses so as to
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zinc electrolysis. — Dr. Logan Turner showed — (1) Patients after oper-
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UMD-New Jersey Medical School, Professor of Clinical
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temperature should be brought down, not to the normal
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nal and the Lancet. In the one he deals with the error in
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the name of Duchenne will always remain prominent. When he
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has recently referred to the question as to whether
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the bowels. The general efi'ect upon the health is soon manifested.
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at removal should be made, owing to the region involved ; it might
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pellation. The Metris farinosa, also, (an acrid, irritating
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bined with pressure on the head of the humerus. After two weeks,
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teresting facts in craniology : (1) Frecpieiicy of the
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Frost's family; and if Dr. Frost should gain the suit,
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discoveries of various enzymes and anti-enzymes, the latter being espe-
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Always think of the patient first; a surgeon should be a good doctor, and vice versa.
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last few years have brought into prominence a condition of acute and
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six privates when the garrison is two hundred, and two privates ad-
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cidence between the occurrence of tremor and the presence of Quin-
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peritonitis, doubtless of erysipelatous character, on January 31, and also
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values his peace of mind or physical comfort in the perform-
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band of the deceased. I treated her for uterine ulceration
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which are foon after to be born. But as it is a re-
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est here to note, further, that there are filamentous connectives
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but who passed his life in Sicily. He wrote several
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on, this medicine had not the leaft effed either in
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this extravasation does not take place until the impulse of reac-
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already cited, and also in a third, especially when the pulse was
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within 15.5 hours after the initial dose, although this patient received a
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tion of the sale of diseased meat and milk ; exclusion
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at Nothnagel's clinic, using it 110 times in twenty cases of
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ach is one which has not received the favor and atten-
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10 miles and attended a post-mortem examination, in company with my-
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of the hand. On the 20th the absorbents were inflamed as high U