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cough and moco-pomlent sputa. There were signs of congee-
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concerning societies, hospitals, schools, and the other
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the case, and repeat it in doses of ten drops every fifteen to twenty
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unchangeable ; and there are eager and willing workers in
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at times not perceptible, at others 156 in the min-
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comparison side by side with the other eye, may be overlooked, but afterwards
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ruins two years ago, you will still find it to be a large and choice collection
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lobe of about eight days' duration. He was in a semi-
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cutaneous capillaries are contracted, and thus they are made to contain less
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of operations by the invagination plan, in which peculiar
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quackery, but proper education much. Quackery is to be found
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night. You have followed this ambition as a guiding star along a well-
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wounded, but he got them both under cover. An hour later a second fire occurred, and he
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feelings of the patient. They find their most frequent use when
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ill all these fluids in any patient who is taking iodine as a remedy.
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coid forms. Half of the patients suffering from the dissemin-
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Mechanism of indirect fractures of the skull. Dulles. Tr.
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From this time she gradually recovered her strength by the conti-
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containing certain ([uestions asking for information. This, circular
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respire even cooler air outside when you ar^S^^liarrg or motoring along
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in general of any explanation ; nor does it seem to have any signifi-
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17s. ; after two years' full-pay service in rank, 18s. ; after 4 ditto, 19s. ;
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disease, and then be infected by.a subsequent exposure. Few people escape
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appears, the use of purgatives would not ordinarily In;
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ready destruction by the action of acetone or alcohol, to which other
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by a protoplasm studded with fine blue granules — the
periactin appetite stimulant pictures
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memorative stanzas written by the President for this
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a few days, but recovered, and ate well. Examination at the same
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Subcutaneous Hydrocarbon Prostheses, by F. Strange Kolle, M. D.
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been treated for otorrhoea, and ascertain how many still lived. The
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and he easily saw reasons for the suppression of both, and the rc-
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conclusion expressed by Schreiber * : " The so-called xerosis bacilli are to be
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be maintained by the superior learning and abilities of those who profess it, by the